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Concrete Planters

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Concrete PlanterConcrete planters have many uses, from home beautification to traffic control, and Bohlmann’s heavy-duty concrete planters have earned a reputation among architectural products as the epitome of form and function. All of our concrete planters are one piece, pre-cast concrete with welded rebar reinforcement, elevated drain holes, beveled edges and a beautiful exposed stone aggregate finish.

Bohlamnn's line of concrete security barriers to protect facilities, controlling pedestrian or vehicle traffic or accenting your home or patio, there is a Bohlmann concrete planter designed to meet your needs in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Square Concrete PlanterConcrete landscape planters (square) are Bohlmann's most versatile yet attractive outdoor architectural products. Our square concrete landscape planters are available in sizes of 11 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches and a massive 30-inches square. Rectangular concrete planters are available in two sizes – 36 inches x 14 inches and 72 inches by 16 inches.

Bohlmann concrete planters work Ideal as garden planters or park planters, our series of round concrete planters is designed to add to the aesthetics of a facility or home. These concrete planters are an attractive means of emphasizing a doorway, patio, or yard and can also serve as decorative border. These outdoor planters are available in four diameters – 19 inches, 26 inches, 31 inches, 36 inches – of varying heights ranging from 15 to 30 inches.

security planterBohlamnn's best selling two-piece concrete planter (model P7218R), can be utilized for both decorative and security purposes. Which can be assembled around an existing object such as a tree or flagpole. It is available with or without smooth, white-finished concrete seating, which is attached to the rim of the concrete planter.

In addition to their popularity as decorative concrete planters in parks and gardens, our steel-reinforced concrete planters serve an important security role in many cities. As heavy-duty security planters, they can be used to create an anti-terrorist perimeter, helping cities and governments protect otherwise vulnerable buildings and populated areas. Our concrete security planters also are an aesthetically pleasing way to guide pedestrian traffic in outdoor malls and vehicles in high-traffic areas.

As with all of our pre-cast concrete outdoor products, memorial plaques are available and can be installed on our concrete landscape planters to commemorate events or recognize special people.

  • Concrete Amenities - Through innovation, high production standards and exceptional customer service, we've earned our reputation as a leading supplier of concrete site amenities & outdoor furniture.
  • Concrete Drinking Fountians - suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and come in a variety of styles and attractive earth-tone colors to complement other architectural elements in any setting.
  • Concrete Tables - Like all of our outdoor furniture, Bohlmann’s pre-cast concrete park tables and picnic tables are sturdy, durable, resistant to vandalism and virtually maintenance free.
  • Concrete Barriers - Our pre-cast concrete, steel-reinforced security barriers control traffic and enhance public safety, which is a number-one priority for many government and corporate institutions.
  • Concrete Trash Receptacles - When searching for a commercial trash can that is durable, attractive and vandal resistant, you can’t do better than a concrete trash receptacle from Bohlmann.
  • Concrete Benches - Bohlmann offers a complete line of durable, naturally beautiful, pre-cast concrete benches for all your outdoor seating needs.
  • Security Planters - Are an increasingly important safety measure in this era of high terrorism threats. Our pre-cast concrete, security planters control traffic and enhance public safety.
  • Security Barriers - Concrete security barriers are an increasingly important safety measure in this era of high terrorism threats.
  • Steel Products - Bohlmann now offers a line of steel furniture and trash receptacles. All products are constructed of 1/4" steel with a baked powder coat finish.

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GSA Advantage

GSA Approved

Bohlman pre-cast concrete security products are GSA approved for use on US goverment buildings, road construction, military security, parks and other goverment projects.