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Indoor/Outdoor Drinking Fountains

DFBF-36Bohlmann concrete drinking fountains are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and come in a variety of styles and attractive earth-tone colors to complement other architectural elements in any setting. Use these attractive drinking fountains with other Bohlmann outdoor furniture, or as a stand alone piece.

Bohlmann's concrete drinking fountains are made of pre-cast concrete with stainless steel receptors and chrome-plated exposed fittings, our drinking fountains are weatherproof and resistant to corrosion and vandalism. The smooth, contour-formed basins with rounded corners and edges reduces splatter, insures proper drainage and prevents standing waste water.

Weatherproof, Vandalism Resistant & Handicap Accessible

The stainless steel doors and “double bubbler” projector on all our concrete water fountains are aesthetically pleasing and pose as a further deterrent to potential vandals.

Bohlmann’s concrete drinking fountains are easy to clean and have beveled edges and corners for safety, making them ideal for use in schools and public facilities. All drinking fountain units are manufactured with lead-free components and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for handicap accessibility.

In addition to being weatherproof, vandalism resistant and handicap accessible, our concrete drinking fountains are available in several designs, including pedestal mount, barrier-free pedestal and wall mount. A side faucet also is available.

Wall mount water fountainWall Mounted Drinking Fountains

Bohlamnn's wall-mount concrete drinking fountain models feature a freeze-resistant valve system with a box that installs behind a non-freezing wall for housing the water connection from the stop to the strainer.

Pedestal Mounted Drinking Fountains

Our pedestal-mount concrete drinking fountain models feature a freeze-resistant valve system designed for ground installation 18 inches below the frost line. (Sixty inches of access tubing also is provided with the freeze-resistant valve system. The length of the tubing can be reduced in the field for lesser frost depths. You may also purchase a frost free kit for all models to ensure that your drinking fountain won't freeze or frost in colder climates.

Bohlmann drinking fountains, whether wall-mounted or on a pedestal base, attractively and naturally blend in with their surroundings in four beautiful exposed aggregate stone finishes: Grey Limestone, Red Quartzite, Tan River Rock and Brown Haydite. The finishes coordinate with our other site amenities including our pre-cast concrete picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles, all adding comfort and convenience to outdoor activities.

Bohlmann water fountains, Popular both indoors and outdoors, are suitable for use anywhere that clean, filtered, chilled drinking water is desired. All over the country, our concrete fountains are being used as site furnishings at playgrounds, pools, campuses, parks, patios, campsites, sports arenas, tennis and basketball courts, baseball fields, indoor and outdoor malls and plazas, offices, theaters and public gardens.

  • Concrete Amenities - Through innovation, high production standards and exceptional customer service, we've earned our reputation as a leading supplier of concrete site amenities & outdoor furniture.
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  • Security Barriers - Concrete security barriers are an increasingly important safety measure in this era of high terrorism threats.
  • Steel Products - Bohlmann now offers a line of steel furniture and trash receptacles. All products are constructed of 1/4" steel with a baked powder coat finish.

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