Quality Concrete Jersey Barriers

Our concrete jersey barriers are designed with extreme durability in mind. Our products are sure to withstand the elements, crashes, and wear and tear with age. Popular among commercial owners, jersey barriers work as a barricade for traffic control and pedestrian protection. Don't wait any longer to order yours, contact us for a free quote today!

Concrete Airport Barriers

As stated earlier, our concrete barriers are perfect for all the wear and tear of the elements and general pedestrian traffic. At the airport, it is especially important that everything runs like a well-oiled machine. You need people to park exactly where they're supposed to, make sure work vehicles are heading in the right direction, and no pedestrians end up where they aren't supposed to go in case of injury or other safety issues. Concrete airport barriers are the perfect way to provide clearly marked paths for vehicles and pedestrians while not sticking out against the design of the airport. Why waste personnel and time trying to corral people into the designated areas when quality concrete barriers from Bohlmann can do it for you? Get yours today!