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Concrete Security Barrier

Concrete Safety Barriers

Bohlmann traffic barriers are ideal for parking lots, road construction, closing roads, airports, stadiums, schools, government buildings, military bases, parks and recreation areas.

Concrete security barriers are an increasingly important safety measure in this era of high terrorism threats. Our pre-cast concrete security barriers can control traffic and enhance public safety, which is a number-one priority for many government and corporate institutions.

Bohlamnn's pre-cast concrete traffic barriers combine maximum protection with a decorative geometric style. These durable concrete barriers are steel reinforced for added strength. Specifically designed for heavy-duty military and commercial use to create roadblocks and vehicle barriers. Across the country and abroad, our security barriers are used to control traffic and protect potential terrorist targets.

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GSA Advantage

GSA Approved

Bohlman pre-cast concrete security products are GSA approved for use on US goverment buildings, road construction, military security, parks and other goverment projects.