Bohlmann Concrete Amenities

Like all of our outdoor furniture, Bohlmann’s pre-cast concrete park tables and picnic tables are sturdy, durable, resistant to vandalism and virtually maintenance free. Attractive in any outdoor setting, the tabletops and seats of our concrete tables are made of white, lightly exposed aggregate texture that accents the natural stone color of the base and legs. Memorial plaques also are available and can be attached to our concrete furniture to remember a special person, recognize a company, or commemorate a time or event.

We feature three styles of outdoor tables – round, rectangular, and handicap accessible – all three with attached seating, making them ideal as site furnishings at public spaces including parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, pools and patios. In addition, their natural good looks make our concrete tables equally suitable for home gardens, yards and decks.

All three styles of our concrete picnic tables are manufactured with a center hole to insert a shade umbrella, keeping you cool and comfortable all summer long. But their durable, pre-cast concrete construction also allows our tables to withstand wind, rain and the most brutal winters, so you can leave them outside and enjoy them year round.

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GSA Advantage

GSA Approved

Bohlman pre-cast concrete security products are GSA approved for use on US goverment buildings, road construction, military security, parks and other goverment projects.